• How do you choose the releases you offer? There's no exact science. If the first time I hear an album, I say "wow" then that's what I'm looking for. 
  • What formats do you offer? Vinyl, CD and cassette.
  • Do you ship outside the U.S.? Yes but on a case-by-case basis. The main purpose behind SPI is to bring international releases into the United States from other countries BUT some SPI releases might not be available where you are so if you're in another country and SPI is the best option, email me  at skapunkinternational@gmail.com and I'll figure out shipping options with you.
  • How long will my order take? Orders that are in stock will ship out ASAP. Orders that are currently in pre-order will ship immediately when they arrive at SPI HQ. Pre-orders shouldn't be more than 30 days however due to Covid-19 shipping delays from other countries might happen. This slows the time for me to receive inventory to ship to you. Follow SPI on Instagram and Twitter for all the latest updates on pre-orders. 
  • What if I never received my order? If it's been more than 2 weeks AND your order isn't still a pre-order then send me an email at skapunkinternational@gmail.com ASAP so I can track down your order and get it to you!
  • How does merch work? Currently merch orders are fulfilled through Printful however that will only be for a few months. If you have any issues with your merch order, plese send me an email at skapunkinternational@gmail.com and I'll get you all sorted
  • Will you distribute records from my label? Sure! I'm always interested in bringing over ska and punk releases from outside of the United States. If you run a label or are in a band and you're looking to release your music here in the U.S. send me an email at skapunkinternational@gmail.com and let's make it happen!
  • Where can I find your podcast? You can find the Ska Punk International podcast on Spotify right here or on the podcast page