Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - With A Vengeance THIRD PRESSING (12" vinyl)

Hans Gruber and the Die Hards - With A Vengeance THIRD PRESSING (12" vinyl)


SPI and Hans Gruber and the Die Hards have teamed up to put together the ULTIMATE EDITION of 'With A Vengeance' for the third pressing of the album on 12" vinyl!

To make the third pressing of 'With A Vengeance' on vinyl extra special, we've included the bonus tracks from the first and second pressing. The jacket has been modified slightly from the first two pressings to show the new bonus tracks.

These records are standard black vinyl.

There are 250 of the records available, 75 here on the SPI store and 175 at the band's upcoming shows.

- 46 left!


Side A:
1. Nothing Like a Good Old Fashioned Witch Hunt
2. No No Bronto
3. My Friend Chuck
4. Vril Society
5. No Outside Tanks
6. Time, I Don't Want It Anymore
7. Blood on the Walls
8. Brazil
9. Randy Scouse Git (Bonus track originally from FIRST PRESSING)

Side B:
10. Let's Drive Everywhere
11. An Old Man Like Me
12. Monster of Walgren Lake
13. Credit Cards are a Product of Satan
14. Dandruff
15. You’re Being Watched
16. Squatcore feat. Adam Davis
17. Praise to the Algorithm
18. Die Alone, Live Together (Born to Lose) [Bonus track originally from SECOND PRESSING]

More info about the album:

Listed by Brooklyn Vegan as one of the 50 best punk albums of 2022.

Check out the new videos for the bonus tracks Randy Scouse Git and Die Alone, Live Together on the SPI Youtube channel. And check out the other videos from the album on the band's YouTube channel.