Runaway Ricochet - Diminishing Returns (12" Vinyl 2xLP Preorder)

Runaway Ricochet - Diminishing Returns (12" Vinyl 2xLP Preorder)


The new Runaway Ricochet album is coming to SPI!!! This one is for all the proggy ska fans. If you like RX Bandits, The Holophonics, Simple Minded Symphony and Young Costello you're gonna love this one.

This album has 14 tracks spread across 2 LPs. LP1 is in Dragon Fruit and LP2 is in Peacock. Check the pictures on the side.

There is also a multi-page lyric booklet included.

There are 300 of the Dragon Fruit/Peacock 2LP sets available. 100 are available as part of the 2024 SPI Record Club. The rest are available here on our site or from the band.

- 74 left!


Side A:
1. Anchor
2. Make It Out
3. Change

Side B:
4. 5 Questions
5. Mental Marathon
6. Uncle Qrow
7. Glass Bones Interlude

Side C:
8. Burn Out
9. (a)pathetic
10. Chorale of the Grove
11. Optimist

Side D:
12. Esker Grove
13. Swan Song
14. Faint Love Song

Watch the video for 'Optimist' on Punknews.