Andy B and The World - The First One

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Andy B and The World - The First One

Thanks to Pookout Records, this massive double album from Andy B and The World and 172 other ska-punk musicians is coming to the US!!!

Seriously this album is insane! It really does includes 172 musicians from all over the world. It features members of Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, The Slackers, RX Bandits, We Are The Union, Redeemon, Bracket, MC Lars, Hayseed Dixie, Skatune Network, Spunge, Call Me Malcolm and many, many more. What's especially cool is there are tons of musicians just starting out featured here and they are mixed in with the same priority as artists you would know.

Andy B initially started working on this idea 4 years ago by traveling around the world and recording musicians in person. However once Covid-19 hit, he had to put out the call to remote musicians and adjust the process to get the album across the finish line.

All Vinyl orders come with a digital download code for the entire album which will be emailed to you.

You'll also receive a hand designed, 12 page collectible booklet detailing the story of the release and all the musicians who helped make this project a success.

Limited to 15 Teal 12" on Double Vinyl - SOLD OUT!! Will get more soon so check back!

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Watch the video for 'Frantic' here: Watch the video for 'Things Change' here: Listen to Andy B on the Ska Punk International podcast here: