Poindexter - Treats (12" vinyl)

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Poindexter - Treats (12" vinyl)


Poindexter's debut album "Treats" is coming to vinyl!! Album releases July 25th on all streaming platforms.

Poindexter and SPI have teamed up to put together a limited release of the album on 12" mystery color vinyl! The color of the record will be random so it will be a surprise! (the black record in the graphics is only for the mockup)

There are 200 of the records available from SPI and the band. 50 are available as part of the SPI 2023 Record Club.

Fans of We Are The Union, Jer, Jeff Rosenstock, Paramore and Teenage Halloween are going to love this album.

Only 41 left!!


1. Mammoth
2. Serendipity
3. Be All You Can Be
4. Treats
5. Descent
6. Hell
7. Eleven To Eight
8. Body Like That
9. Quirky
10. Tongue Tied