SPI Record Club 2024

SPI Record Club 2024

The second Ska Punk International record club is here!! This year's club has a lot more releases and even more surprises. There will be 4 shipments throughout the year.

• The first NINE SPI vinyl releases in 2024. Will be mostly 12" LPs but we do have some 7" and 10" releases planned as well. Also two will be DOUBLE 12" LPs! The first 9 of those will be included in the 2024 Record Club (see below for list of releases announced so far). What we can show so far is pictured on the left.

• One exclusive enamel pin only for the 2024 SPI record club (will ship with first shipment, new design from last year!)

• One exclusive set of SPI Pogs only for the 2024 SPI record club

• Digital copies of all included releases

• SPI Discord access with access to Record Club only channel

• Discount code for other SPI Releases and merch

Only 100 spots available - 28 left!!

Included releases (we can talk about now) are:
Eevie Echoes - Cons of Being A Wallflower (out on digital Jan 10th, vinyl in first shipment)

• Kmoy - The Precure Album (remastered and on vinyl for the first time)

• Buena Suerte - El Feeling, El Sueño Deluxe Edition (Side A original EP, Side B live version of the EP)

• Mutiny - S/T (Side A in English, Side B in Japanese Featuring Frail. Also comes with a 30 page Manga that goes with the story of the EP)

• Runaway Ricochet - Diminishing Returns(Double 12" LP)

• [Redacted] - [Redacted] (existing SPI artist + new artist joining SPI, announced later this year)

• [Redacted] - [Redacted] (announced later this year, Double 12" LP)

• [Redacted] - [Redacted] (announced later this year)

• [Redacted] - [Redacted] (announced later this year)

-You will receive emails (and discord messages) with updates throughout the year on what is included and what is coming up. This might not include every SPI vinyl release in 2024 but it will include as many as possible.

-Unfortunately we can't include shipping like we did last year but that allows us to include more releases and bonuses

-Refunds only possible for duplicate orders or technical glitches.

***Please add any other items to a separate cart to eliminate confusion***