Mutiny - Mutiny EP SECOND PRESSING (12" Vinyl)

Mutiny - Mutiny EP SECOND PRESSING (12" Vinyl)


SPI is so excited to introduce Mutiny to the world! Mutiny is a brand new narrative skacore supergroup that includes members of Death by Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Dissidente and more! This is the prologue of the Mutiny story spread across 4 songs.

The A-side of the record has the 4 songs in English and B-side has the songs in Japanese. The japanese songs are sung by members of frail.

First pressing sold out so fast we had to go right into a second pressing! The second pressing records are Laguna Eco Mix vinyl. Also includes full-color lyric insert. This pressing does not include the manga, only the 12" record and insert.

There are 200 of the Laguna Eco Mix records available here on our site or from the band.

- 52 left!

Some of the previous pressing are still available as part of the 2024 SPI Record Club.


Side A:
1. This Is A Eulogy
2. What A Difference A Year Makes
3. Shot To Hell
4. Theseus

Side B:
5. This Is A Eulogy (日本語版) feat frail
6. What A Difference A Year Makes (日本語版) feat frail
7. Shot To Hell (日本語版) feat frail
8. Theseus (日本語版) feat frail

More info about the album:

Watch the lyric video for 'This Is A Eulogy' on Brooklyn Vegan.

Meet the members of Mutiny:

-Efrem Schulz (vocals)
affiliated projects: Death by Stereo, Manic Hispanic, Voodoo Glow Skulls
-Chris Ruckus (vocals, guitar)
affiliated projects: Dissidente
-Eric Fazzini (saxophone)
affiliated projects: Voodoo Glow Skulls, PWRUP
-Jordan Pepper (guitarist)
-Adam Shah (bassist)
-Jose Pazsoldan (trombone)
affiliated projects: Voodoo Glow Skulls
-Mike Cambra (drums)
affiliated projects: Death by Stereo, The Adolescents, The Sun Must Die