Beat the Red Light - Salt the Lands

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Beat the Red Light - Salt the Lands

We're so hyped to partner with Pookout Records and add some copies of the 10th anniversary vinyl pressing of Beat the Red Light's classic album, Salt the Lands to the distro. This a double "smokescreen" vinyl that comes with new artwork, gatefold packing and a full lyric sheet.

We're also stoked to have copies of Salt the Lands on CD thanks to our friends at TNS Records.

Fans of The Best of the Worst, Sekta Core, The Flaming Tsunamis, Folly and Voodoo Glow Skulls will absolutely love this album.

Limited to 15 "Smokescreen" Vinyl - only 5 left!
Limited to 10 CDs - only 1 left!

Watch the video for 'This Ship Has Sailed' here: Listen to Pook from Beat The Red Light on the Ska Punk International podcast here: